Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Brie with jam

I love to cook for our play reading group. Appetizer, first act, main, second act, dessert. And lots of wine and, well, hams.

I was totally behind in planning and time, so I swung by Fareway on the way home and picked up an 8 ounce brie and some crackers, slathered some apricot jam from our "handsome tumbler" on it. And then when I got to our host's--nuked it for 90 seconds and that's it.

Olives, pecans from Joanie's tree, toasted, and it's a party.

Brie with Khalua.
Brie with any kind of jam
Brie wrapped in puff pastry and baked (courtesy of Jason and Shawnda).


Elise said...

I adore 'brie with jam' and also brie with red pepper jelly on crackers! I am also a great fan of Julia's...did you see Merryl Streep play her in "Julie and Julia"? (2009).

There's another fantastic way to enjoy brie that we have come to greatly appreciate - learned this from a good friend and we've been doing it ever since.

This one is for serious garlic lovers. Get some parchment paper (you could use foil but parchment is better because you don't end up having the foil pieces in your cheese).

Place the brie in the parchment paper - dice up some fresh tomato and layer it on top of brie. Sprinkle with oregano and crushed garlic (to taste). Close up the parchment paper tightly around the brie so that when you bake it, it doesn't lose its shape as much. Then either bake at 350 for a few minutes (until cheese has melted and is warm)...or bake it inside a BBQ on a hot plate (top rack is good, with lid closed).

Have thin slices of baguette ready - spread and enjoy!! This is one fantastic brie appetizer...try it and see.



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Maqsood said...

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